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Being born in a city that is severely under-resourced and shrouded in stereotypes, does not have to limit the course of a child’s future. Their first step to greatness starts here.


The impetus behind the creation of Jackie Joyner-Kersee’s Winning in Life® program series is based on Jackie’s fundamental belief that there is GOLD in all of us. The question then becomes, how do we create a proven solution, for youth that face the severest of economic and societal hurdles, that will develop the mindset and instill the CONFIDENCE, DEDICATION and SELF-RESPECT to achieve the greatness that lives within them.

The program series is designed to unleash the PASSION and DESIRE to succeed that rests within all of us. By leveraging the, preparing for gametime approach to learning, we focus our youth on setting and achieving a series of GOALS through calculated RISK-TAKING, challenging their DETERMINATION & GRIT and constantly expanding their CRITICAL THINKING skills. The essence of the program teaches the students that, in spite of life’s challenges, winning happens for those that strive for the highest standards and stay true to the highest VALUES. It takes a lot of COURAGE and faith to face the most severe obstacles and believe in yourself enough to know you will overcome them. All the personal sacrifice, and most importantly love, that Jackie pours into the success of our youth is contained within the delivery of Jackie Joyner-Kersee’s Winning in Life® program.

Critical to the successful development of our youth are Jackie Joyner-Kersee’s Winning in Life® Facilitators. Facilitators carry out the implementation of the program and utilize this comprehensive, evidence-based system for youth leadership development that emphasizes COMMITMENT & HARD WORK as foundational for success, with WELLNESS and physical activity core to sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Above all, actively seeking to be of SERVICE to others epitomizes the legacy of Jackie Joyner-Kersee.


Key Steps of Each JJK Winning in Life Lesson:

JJK Winning in Life Program Impact:


Reported they improved athletic/physical skills


Reported they learned to find ways to achieve their goals


Learned working together requires some compromising

For more information on JJK’s Winning in Life, contact Kendall Norris at knorris@jjkfoundation.org. 


Help our kids win in life!