At the JJK Center, our Academic programs are as important and robust as our Athletics. We know that sports alone are not enough to ensure success in life. Kids need nurturing in many areas to succeed, and academics is a priority. Every child enrolled in our After School program and Summer Camp will experience deep academic enrichment.

STEM Program

The future job market needs young adults educated in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math). We are proactively enriching our kids in all areas of STEM in our After School program and Summer Camp. In 2018, we’re introducing a more robust STEM program and adding new technology.

Architectural Design & Build: Students can design in our CAD program and then build with sticks. We’re also adding 3D printers.

Robotics: Our younger kids learn to build with Legos. Our older kids design and build their own robots.

Life Sciences: We have a hydroponic system, and an outdoor garden. Kids have hands-on experience with how plants and food are grown. We have a butterfly room that lets kids observe the life cycles from egg to caterpillar to metamorphosis of an adult butterfly.

Physical Sciences: We engage kids in gravity projects, where they learn how it works, and how it’s affected at different speeds.

Science Fair: We encourage kids to experiment and explore science, and show their work in our annual science fair.

Math: We keep kids interested in math in many ways, one being a competitive Mathathon. This is like a spelling bee, but with math problems.


Reading Program

Our staff reading specialists work with students to get them up to the reading level for their grade. We provide reading enrichment programs and monitor each child’s progress.

Career Day

Each year, our kids choose a career they’re interested in pursuing. They come to Career Day dressed for their chosen career and present information about it to their peers and parents.

Parental Involvement

Student success is tied to parental involvement, so we actively encourage parents to take an active role in our academic program. We keep parents informed of their child’s success in reading and STEM, and invite them to our Science Fair, Career Day, Mathathon, and other parent/student activities.

School District Partnerships

The JJK Center has a sharing program with local school districts, which gives us access to attendance, academic and behavior records. With this information, we can know where a child is struggling, and provide an individual enrichment program.

Every child gets homework assistance and supervision in our After School program. We make sure homework is completed, it’s done correctly, and on time. Our staff, most of whom are teachers, are always available to help. When all JJK kids are doing their homework at the same time, and all are expected to do it, it’s easier for them to focus and get in the habit of completing it.